It’s important for us to support our local community.  Through the retail store, we were involved in several outreach programs and volunteer activities.  Even though the store is now closed, we’ll continue to be a part of the local landscape.


A program of the City of Norfolk, Adopt-A-Spot is a volunteer service activity for individuals, families, organizations, and groups. We’ve adopted two spots in Norfolk and organize clean-ups for them four times a year. Our original spot is in Ghent at the intersection of Colonial Avenue & Washington Park. We clean the greenway and park of trash. The other spot is actually a park, Barraud Park. For the past four years, Barraud Park was part of our big group clean projects. A few years ago, we partnered with Hope House Foundation to clean up for Keep Norfolk Beautiful Day. One of the gentleman supported by Hope House, Joe, fell in love with the clean-up efforts and we made a point to clean that park every time we organized a large group clean event. Joe passed away about two years ago and we officially adopted the park with Hope House Foundation in memory of him. Visit to learn more about the program.

Friends of Norfolk's Environment

Friends of Norfolk’s Environment (FONE) is a local non-profit focusing on environmental stewardship.  We’ve been an active part of the board for about two years and recently adopted more responsibility taking on a Vice President role. Visit to volunteer or donate to this worthy organization.

Sustainable Living Fair

The Sustainable Living Fair is an annual event held every February that focuses on environmental education.  This event was founded by Green Alternatives and Five Points Community Farm Market and this February will be the 3rd year for the fair.  We focus on making sure the event is free and open to the public so that all can come and be educated on more than two dozen eco topics. Visit for more information.